Senior Design Team sdmay18-21 • Smart Laundry Planner


The purpose of this project is to bring more efficiency to the users of laundry machines. By allowing any existing or new laundry machine to be brought into the internet of things, there are many benefits. On a commercial level, laundry mats can update their outdated machines. By connecting their machines to the internet, customers can more efficiently access them because they will know the availability in nearby stores. On top of this, other commercial businesses such as hotels can track when their machines are being ran and how much resources they take up. This provides a valuable opportunity for big companies to further analyze the expenses and efficiency of their operation. The smart device that we are creating allows anyone with internet access and a washing/drying machine to be able to track their laundry. This can be used to notify them when laundry is done, how much water is being used, as well how much electricity is being used. Giving anyone the ability to become better informed about their efficiency, and at the same time improve it.


  • Develop a sensing device that's easily attachable to laundry machines
  • Have the developed device easily connect to the internet and send data to a server
  • Store each sensor's data in a database
  • Have an android app that can pull data from the database and display it in a user friendly way that can easily be understood and used
  • Have a screen where owners of the device can go to see different statistics such as water, chemicals, and electricity used
  • Incorporate machine learning to be able to predict availability of laundry machines

Final Presentation and Demo Video